Tangia is a clay-pot dish popular in Marrakesh. Moroccan musician Abir took us to try it out.

Tangia is a dish that gets its name from a tall, urn-like clay pot.Insider producer Medha Imam meets with Moroccan American singer/ songwriter ABIR to try the clay-pot dish called tangia.Insider gets an inside look on the popular dish from Marrakesh gets made at Nomad in the East Village.Visti Insider’s homepage for more stories.Following is…

  • Tangia is a dish that will get its identify from a tall, urn-like clay pot.
  • Insider manufacturer Medha Imam meets with Moroccan American singer/ songwriter ABIR to take a look at the clay-pot dish known as tangia.
  • Insider will get an within glance on the preferred dish from Marrakesh will get made at Nomad within the East Village.
  • Visti Insider’s homepage for extra tales.

Following is a trasncript of the video.

Medha Imam: Guys, I will’t do it.

Abir: OK, we are gonna, sorry. I, like, virtually choked on my…

Medha: My identify’s Medha, and lately we are right here within the East Village at Nomad to discover a standard Moroccan dish known as tangia.

Becoming a member of me is Moroccan American artist Abir, who’s going to show me extra a couple of delicacies that is with reference to her center.

Abir: It is scrumptious, it is flavorful, and it is most probably gonna be the most efficient meals you’ve. However Moroccan meals, for me, once I pass house, it in point of fact does, like, refresh me.

And when I consume it I in point of fact do really feel like, OK, cool, I may do anything else. Like, what do you need me to do? You wish to have me to put in writing a track?

Medha: Tangia will get its identify from this vessel. It is an urn-like clay pot that used to be at first used to maintain butter and olive oil.

Originating from Marrakech, tangia used to be nicknamed the “bachelor’s stew” since the dish used to be predominantly made via and for Moroccan males, principally single employees, infantrymen, and shepherds who traveled a ways from house.

Now tangia is served in eating places and meals stalls across the town, with many of us taking part in a job in making the dish.

However do not get it perplexed with the well known Moroccan tagine.

Tangia and tagine are very other dishes. The only commonality between the 2 is they each get their names from the pots they are cooked in.

Mehenni Zebentout: In the event you say tangia, you are regarding a jar and now not a plate with a dome on best. And other folks take a look at to not opt for it, as a result of they’ve to attend 5 hours.

Abir: Tagine or tangia, this is a slow-cooked meal, and it takes 5 to 6 hours to get the, like, comfortable meat and simply the correct stew.

Medha: Historically, a bunch of pals pitch in to shop for the important elements for tangia from a butcher, which come with a most popular minimize of meat at the side of quite a lot of herbs and spices.

Mehenni: You principally installed that dish many of the spices which might be basic to Moroccan delicacies. However principally preserved lemons, garlic, cumin, ghee, olive oil, saffron.

It is like, the ones elements are identified for tangia. You can’t put potatoes and speak to it tangia.

Medha: When the entire elements are positioned into the clay pot, the chef takes the tangia and wraps the highest with parchment paper.

Abir: And then you definitely just about, like, haul it over to a person with an oven, we name it faran. It will take a seat there for 5 to 6 hours beneath ash, like, underground, prepare dinner, slow-cook.

After which when it is in a position, you’ll be able to pick out it up, pass to the park, consume it along with your circle of relatives. And it in point of fact simply brings, like, a way of neighborhood. You consume it in combination. And it is simply stress-free end-of-the-week issues.

Medha: In Marrakech, those communal ovens are adjoining to hammams, which can be Turkish or Moorish baths that almost all Moroccans talk over with at least one time per week.

The similar hearth that heats water within the bathhouse is used to slow-cook the tangia. So, it isn’t odd to show as much as a steam room with a pot filled with meat.

Inside of, the oven operator, or farnatchi, is also accountable for looking at over dozens of tangia nestled into the ashes without delay.

Mehenni: So, and also you give it to them, and so they put it within. So that you to find, like, 30 tangia every so often, 40 tangias in there. And they all, like, named.

They know, the man who makes them, he is aware of which one is what. And everyone’s ready and rubbing their fingers, looking ahead to that deliciousness.

Medha: At Nomad, Mehenni makes his tangia with goat and makes use of a wooden oven to slowly warmth up the clay pot till the beef is comfortable and falling aside.

When the stew is in a position, pals benefit from the tangia with a facet of bread or couscous and finish the meal with Moroccan mint tea. Oh! [laughing]

Abir: How does it style?

Medha: Oh, my God, this is so excellent. It is, like, tangy, and you’ll be able to really feel the smokiness of simply the beef itself as a result of it is been in that oven for see you later. You may have to take a look at it.

Abir: OK. All proper. [laughing] So excellent! The entire spices are very acquainted. Preserved lemon in point of fact, like, provides a unique style. That is most probably what feels somewhat international.

Medha: Yeah, yeah.

Abir: All proper, so you are simply gonna seize it, and you are simply gonna suck all the way through the center, and all of that goodness is gonna come proper out.

Medha: OK. [slurping] I do not believe I am doing it proper.

Abir: Woman, you are gonna snap. You gotta, like, in point of fact opt for it. Dedicate. No? OK.

Medha: Mm.

Abir: Yeah?

Medha: It is so fatty.

Abir: It is in point of fact excellent, proper?

Medha: Oh, my God, that used to be so excellent.

Abir: Neatly, with a meal like this, you could possibly have atay, which is Moroccan mint tea.

And I used “mint” because the identify of my EP as a result of, for me, rising up in Morocco or even simply right here within the States with my oldsters, each time there is tea, there is tea. There may be precise gossip taking place.

So let’s have a bit teatime.

Medha: OK.

Abir: I wanna know what you considered this meal specifically.

Medha: I in point of fact assume something that in point of fact stood out probably the most out of this dish particularly used to be the preserved lemon.

That is one thing that I have by no means had inside the dishes that I consume, as a result of in my tradition we have now this dish known as nihari, and it is very identical with regards to it takes, like, 8 hours to stew.

Abir: That is certainly one of my favorites.

Medha: Yeah? Yeah! And it is like, the one distinction, I swear, is simply the lemony taste. It is superb how a large number of our meals mesh and style the similar in techniques but in addition have their very own little kick to it.

Abir: Yeah, you recognize, Moroccan meals, I am telling you, it is in point of fact, in point of fact up there. For us, like, Moroccans generally, it in point of fact brings you in combination.

And meals, if you’ll be able to to find meals that brings you in combination, it is most probably the most efficient meals to consume.