8 secret airplane safety features you didn’t know existed

Planes are designed with many safety features – from flame-resistant seat cushions to hidden bathroom locks.Other safety features include black triangles and yellow hooks.Airplanes also don’t have oxygen tanks, but they have ashtrays.This video reveals 8 secret safety features you probably didn’t know existed.Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.Following is a transcript of the…

  • Planes are designed with many security measures – from flame-resistant seat cushions to hidden toilet locks.
  • Different security measures come with black triangles and yellow hooks.
  • Airplanes additionally should not have oxygen tanks, however they have got ashtrays.
  • This video finds Eight secret security measures you almost certainly did not know existed.
  • Discuss with Trade Insider’s homepage for extra tales.

Following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: That is the toilet door on an aircraft and it could possibly save your lifestyles. Now not as a result of it is the simplest factor status between you and the fellow that ate an airport burrito earlier than he were given on board. It in reality has a hidden protection characteristic. Are you able to determine it out?

1. Yellow hooks

In case of an emergency that calls for the pilot to land at the water, you’ll be able to be pleased about those little yellow hooks. The quantity and location of hooks on every wing range from aircraft to aircraft, however all of them do the similar factor: assist passengers to protection. They are an anchor for ropes, which passengers use to secure and pull themselves around the wing particularly right through a water touchdown. The ropes and hooks can be used to tether rafts to the aircraft so they do not glide away as passengers board.

2. No oxygen tanks

Let’s consider your aircraft does depressurize. You already know the drill – pull down at the masks to increase the tube, duvet your nostril and mouth with the yellow cup, and all the time put your individual masks on first. However wait, why do it’s a must to pull down at the masks? It is not to achieve your face. It is in reality to start out a chemical response. T

right here are not any oxygen tanks on airplanes. They are simply too heavy and ponderous to be sensible. As a substitute, the panel above your head comprises a chemical oxygen generator. It is a small canister that holds sodium chlorate, barium peroxide, and a pinch of potassium perchlorate. And when all 3 combine in combination, the extraordinarily scorching chemical response we could off oxygen.

3. Fireplace-resistant cushion

Your seat cushion purposes as a flotation tool, however did you realize it’s additionally fireproof? Let’s take this again a couple of many years. All through a 1967 take a look at for the primary Apollo moon project, 3 astronauts have been killed when the internal of the pill stuck on hearth. An investigation confirmed that the craft used to be stuffed with extremely flammable fabrics together with the froth within the seat cushions.

This led NASA to habits an entire slew of study for a method to duvet flammable issues with a fire-resistant subject material. So in 1984, the Federal Aviation Management issued new rules in regards to the flammability of aircraft seats. And if truth be told, it is estimated that 20 to 25 lives are stored every 12 months as a result of their seats do not catch on hearth.

4. Black triangle

Above a few of the ones flame-resistant seats, you could see a bit of black or pink triangle. The ones triangles in reality symbolize what is nicknamed “William Shatner’s seat.” It is a connection with a 1963 episode of “The Twilight Zone,” wherein Shatner’s personality sees a gremlin at the wing of the aircraft. The triangles sign to the team which home windows have the most efficient view of the wings in case a flap malfunctions or to test to peer if they have been deiced.

5. Little window hollow

If you are staring on the gremlin at the wing, you could realize a small hollow within the window. Generally no longer a just right characteristic for a window, however essential on this case. It is known as a bleed hollow. And it prevents your aircraft window from blowing out. That is for the reason that air drive throughout the aircraft is such a lot more than out of doors, which might reason any customary window to blow up.

However the home windows on an aircraft are made up of 3 panes: internal, heart, and outer. The outer pane takes the drive, the center acts as a fail-safe, and the interior is solely there so passengers do not mess with the opposite two. The outlet additionally we could moisture get away from the gaps so the home windows do not fog up or freeze.

6. Dimming lighting

If the theory of your window coming out mid-flight reasons you tension, simply attempt to stay the color up in any case. That easy motion may come up with peace of thoughts and doubtlessly save your lifestyles. Prior to starting off and touchdown at night time, crews will ceaselessly dim the cabin lighting and ask passengers to open their sunglasses. That is to offer their eyes time to regulate to the darkness. In case of evacuation, passengers’ eyes will already be acclimated to the blackness out of doors. If the lighting stayed on, their eyes would want time to regulate and they would finally end up wasting your seconds stumbling blindly as a substitute of briefly evacuating.

7. Hidden toilet lock

Whilst becoming a member of the mile-high membership would possibly look like a amusing concept, you will not get the type of privateness you could be expecting. If truth be told, a team member may open the toilet door at any second regardless of if you happen to locked it or no longer. At the out of doors of maximum aircraft toilet doorways is a bit of plate that claims “LAVATORY.” And below that little plate is a latch that unlocks the door from the out of doors. This permits the team to get entry to the toilet in case of an emergency.

8. Ashtray

If you are in the toilet, you could realize an ashtray. “However wait,” you assume to your self, “I assumed it used to be unlawful to smoke on planes!” You are proper! Smoking on an aircraft has been banned on US airways for the reason that past due 1980s and may saddle you with a high-quality of as much as $25,000. Even with the specter of a high-quality, the Federal Aviation Management is not taking possibilities. It lists ashtrays in bogs as legally required to fulfill the minimal apparatus wanted for a aircraft. Trash cans on a aircraft are most commonly stuffed with flammable fabrics, like cocktail napkins. So tossing a cigarette butt into a type of would no longer be just right.

In the end, there are nonetheless a number of issues in a aircraft that don’t seem to be lined in flame-resistant subject material.