Here’s why Yamaha’s YZF R15 is a segment leader –

Here’s why Yamaha’s YZF R15 is a segment leader –

Yamaha launched its flagship bike, YZF- R15 V3 with dual channel ABS today. This makes the R15 the only motorcycle in its segment to have such a feature. With tremendous appreciation and massive success, the R15 has redefined the 150CC segment in India.

Here’s why:

1. Segment creator

Yamaha has not only given the world a great learner’s motorcycle, but it has also practically created the sports bike segment in 150 CC. Before 2008, there was no serious consideration for a single cylinder, low capacity performance motorcycle. But after the launch of YZF R15 version 1, the world became aware of the possibilities of a stylish, cheap yet performance-oriented option to the otherwise heavy, expensive and risky superbikes.

2. Unique design

The aerodynamic profile, low-slung clip on, rear set footpegs and an overall tucked in stance put the R15 in the league of high performance, track-oriented motorcycles. This, combined with the latest technologies and updates that Yamaha has showered the R15 with, has made R15 a potent track tool, as well as a practical everyday bike.

3. VVA

Variable Valve Actuation, or VVA, is a valve timing technology, which helps the engine produce more power. With the introduction of VVA in the third iteration of R15, which is also the first time in its segment, Yamaha has bumped up the power from 15 horses to 19.4 BHP. Yum!

4. Advanced engineering

It is most commonly acknowledged that the YZF R15 is a pinnacle of engineering and automobile innovation. Right from the first generation to the latest V3.0, R15 has proved time and again that you do not need a bigger engine to go faster. Boasting of impressive track and street records, the R15 is a force to be reckoned with.

5. Legendary Lineage

The YZF R15 comes from the YZF line of motorcycles, which are directly evolved from the YZR series used in MotoGP, and consists of bikes like the R1, R1M and R6, which are widely considered as the pinnacle of modern-day motorcycle technology.

6. Rider safety

Yamaha always believes in keeping the rider safe above everyone else. Hence, mounted on the sturdy and robust delta box frame, the R15 V 3.0 is loaded with safety features such as a slipper clutch, hazard lamp and the latest addition, dual channel ABS. This makes R15 one of the fastest, smoothest and safest bikes on the road.