Nokia 6.1 Plus gets Hide Notch feature in Android 9 Pie update

Nokia 6.1 Plus gets Hide Notch feature in Android 9 Pie update

Nokia 6.1 Plus was launched with a display notch. It also came with an option to hide the notch in the Settings menu. This way, users who aren’t big fans of the notch display can remove it and fill the space on top with a black strip leaving no traces of a notch on the screen.

Nokia 6.1 Plus gets Hide Notch feature in Android 9 Pie update - update, notch, nokia, feature, android

Unfortunately, this option to hide the notch was removed by an update that was rolled out to the smartphone in September. This update also brought the August security patch to the device along with other improvements. While this left many users perplexed, the company has assured that it will bring back the option sometime soon.

Now, after two months, it looks like HMD has brought back the option to the Nokia 6.1 Plus via the Android 9.0 Pie update. A few days back, the smartphones received the stable Android Pie update. Along with the usual features of the latest iteration of the OS, it also brought back the ability to hide the notch.

How to hide notch on Nokia 6.1 Plus

While it is possible to hide the notch after the Pie update, the catch is that it can be done only in Developer Options. So, the Nokia 6.1 Plus users have to first enable the Developer Options by heading on to Settings → About Phone → System and tap on the build number seven times. Now, users have to go to Developer Options from System Settings and look for the ‘Full Bezel’ option. You need to set this toggle on to hide the notch and off it to keep the notch enabled.

Earlier, when responding to the users’ complaints of not being to hide the notch, HMD said that they had to remove the option to hide the notch in order to adhere to Google’s requirement. The comment was not pulled down from the forums but it revealed that Google decided not to give the option to hide the notch. Eventually, the same has been included as the full bezel mode.






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