Take Two wants $150000 in damages from GTA Online mod creator – RockstarINTEL

Take Two wants $150000 in damages from GTA Online mod creator – RockstarINTEL

Over the past year and half, Take Two and Rockstar Games have really been cracking down on people who create and sell mods for GTA Online. Especially Mod menus. This all started in June 2017 when Open IV was taken down by Take Two Interactive. Its been no secret at all.

Back in August 2018, Take-two interactive filed a lawsuit against Jhonny Perez, from Florida, United States. Take Two have claimed that he is in breach of Copyright infringements due to creating and selling mods for GTA Online that are used to grief and ruin the experience for other online players. The modding software was known as ‘Elusive’ and Jhonny sold it from between $10-$30.

Take Two have said that he has a clear motive to make profit and to freeride on Take-two’s property without permission. It is clear how much money Jhonny has made selling the Online modding software but it is estimated that the harm for Take Two is around half a million dollars. Take-Two have tried to come to a settlement with Jhonny and requested information from him but he decided to stop co-operating with Take-Two and started to ignore them.

Take-Two are hoping to use these lawsuits as a deterrent to other Mod developers trying to ruin their games for other players, they submitted a default judgment to NY Federal court earlier in the week asking for $150,000, which is the maximum amount for the statutory damages. Take Two has also requested for $69,686 in Attorney fees aswell as a injunction to stop the user from making anymore software mods for Takw-Two titles.

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