Teen’s death in Puerto Rico blamed on lack of proper medical facilities since hurricane

The issue that Puerto Rico has its that its economy is dependent upon it doing neither of those two things. The only two sources of economic activity are the fact that it receives $21 billion more from the Federal government than it pays back, and that it produces a decent chunk of the pharmaceuticals that…


The problem that Puerto Rico has its that its economic system will depend on it doing neither of the ones two issues. The one two assets of financial process are the truth that it receives $21 billion extra from the Federal govt than it can pay again, and that it produces a tight bite of the prescribed drugs which can be bought within the mainland US – which is simplest conceivable because of Federal incentives.

If it publicizes independence it loses either one of the ones issues. If it publicizes statehood then the truth that it starts paying source of revenue tax to the Federal govt, somewhat than to the Puerto Rican territorial govt, would imply that many of the $21 billion in web Federal cash can be offset. Whether or not it might lose the Federal manufacturing incentives beneath statehood is not transparent however the solution is “almost certainly sure”.

With out the ones two issues Puerto Rico becomes Haiti. It has no herbal sources, a in large part unskilled and uneducated inhabitants, and a central authority and personal sector through which corruption are endemic.

The one factor conserving Puerto Rico afloat is the huge quantity of Federal help that it will get once a year and only a few individuals who are living there wish to possibility that going away or the huge corruption sweep that the Federal govt would do if the territory attempted for statehood.

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